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Balombe is our male Dril, it is a species in extinction and very protected.

He came to the park to live with two females that we had at that time.

Unfortunately both females died after.

We are looking for a better place for him, he is very aggressive.

Balombe is included in the International species program for this species,it means, he is a very important individual for the future of the species.

Unfortunately Balombe is very agressive with any company, not with us: he is friendly and is very educated with the daily routines.

He was born in year 2000 in Hanover Zoo, but belongs to Barcelona Zoo, as part of the international cooperation, he is here.

What do you to know when you see Balombe:

  • Been alone is not always bad, AWA and many others do not consider it as part of the welfare of an animal. He is alone because he must be alone. He is in daily contact with the keepers, the visitors, he is got a close relationship with it neighbors ( Brazzas and Patas Monkeys)

  • If you are a visitor ¡please respect this animal¡ we want you to admire it, how beauty and interesting it is. Do not hit the glass.

Come and visit us at the Monkey Park